WP Edit Pro Public Release

WP Edit Pro version 1.0 has been released.  I have sent emails to all existing customers of Ultimate Tinymce Pro.  Via these emails, you should have received your new WP Edit Pro license information, as well as the plugin .zip file.  Remember, do not use WP Edit Pro until after you have updated your website to WordPress version 3.9.

WP Edit Pro Information


WP Edit Pro is completely rewritten for the new version of WordPress.  Specifically, the re-write was prompted by WordPress updating the content editing software (TinyMCE) to version 4.0.  This update to TinyMCE brings forth a ton of additional flexibility within the content editor.  Here is a Presentation demonstrating many of the new features.

The most powerful features of WP Edit Pro are:

  • Drag and drop custom button arrangements for each editor row.
  • A widget builder which uses the WP Edit Pro editor, and allows widget insertion in any widget area or anywhere in a post or page content area.
  • Network Ready allows the plugin to be network activated; and all subsites use global options.

Additional features include:

  • Set different editor button arrangements based on User Role.
  • Includes the Google Webfonts addon, which allows Google fonts to be easily inserted in your content.
  • Easily import/export/convert options between sites.

Furthermore, there are over 50 other options provided which can be used to refine your content editing experience.

Release Date

WordPress is expected to release version 3.9 on/around April 15th, 2014.  There is a small chance the release may be delayed. You can follow along with the release log on the WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate codex page.

After this release of WordPress (3.9), only WP Edit Pro should be used.  Ultimate Tinymce and Ultimate Tinymce Pro will still continue to function for WordPress versions 3.5.1 through 3.8.2; but will no longer be actively maintained.  Instead, please update to WP Edit or WP Edit Pro.

Websites and Support

The new WP Edit Pro will sit comfortably with it’s own website; a dedicated support forum; and a knowledge base where constant updates and community news can be shared.  You have already found the knowledge base, so please also visit the:

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