WP Edit Pro – Getting Started (Video)

A video guide to downloading, installing and activating WP Edit Pro in the WordPress administration panel.

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Josh Lobe is the sole developer of WP Edit and WP Edit Pro. A father of two; a husband to a beautiful wife; and a small home in the suburbs... he primarily enjoys coding in WordPress and designing websites.

5 thoughts on “WP Edit Pro – Getting Started (Video)

  1. Gary Gordon says:

    Awesome. Looking forward to a tutorial on how to set up button layouts for Administrator, Editor, Contributor, Author, Subscriber as well as custom user roles that I might set up using Advanced Access Manager (as my role and user manager tool). Thanks. Gary Gordon

    1. Josh Lobe says:

      I’ve already begun testing a few different scenarios.

      Since I cannot possibly code for every imaginable scenario… I’m going to use a selection method. It’ll allow the administrator to “select” how to control the buttons; either by newly created custom roles, or by WordPress roles.

    2. Kathy says:

      @Gary, pardon me if you already know this, but a few tips for you or others about multiple role users or WP Edit Pro:

      1) keep the width of each row short enough to fit various smaller devices (helps avoid bottom scroll bars and other mishaps);
      2) save a screenshot of each button layout you like so that it is not a lot of work to re-do when Josh creates a “new” button. (This goes along with exporting a .json file.)

      I’d be interested in your thoughts about which buttons would be hidden for roles such as Editor, Contrib, Author. (I do understand Administrator and Subscriber having completely different capabilities.) Just curious!

      1. Josh Lobe says:

        Just FYI; the “new” button issue will not be a problem anymore. Every time the buttons are saved… it also checks for new buttons (and also deletes old, non-supported buttons).

        So, when a new button is added (in the code)… simply saving the buttons will add the new button to the button container.

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