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After three weeks of torment on a VPS shared hosting account; WP Edit Pro has broken free and gone with a dedicated server. We noticed immediate page loading speed increases; a 100% success rate with license activations; and still had plenty of room to spare.

We are excited to bring this new change, and we know it has opened to door to endless ways for us to serve you better.

What is Dedicated Serving?

Dedicated serving is having a single server at your disposal. Most online ‘packages’ offered today for under $20 a month, are hosting on a shared server. This is fine, and works for 75% of small business and personal websites. However, with shared hosting, you are sharing resources of the server between other users. There may be as many as 30 or 40 other users on a single server. This type of server configuration limits the servers resources and divides them accordingly.

With dedicated serving, the entire server is being utilized for a single user. Because WP Edit Pro is the only website on the server; this means all features we bring to you are served using the fastest means possible! With this newest upgrade; we know our framework is stable, secure and reliable.

Deciding to Change

It is still unsure whether our troubles were hosting related; or administrator related. However, I do believe a great relationship between a hosting provider and a customer begins with the ability to work through issues in a mutually beneficial situation. In this ideal situation, the hosting provider would help identify the issue; explain possible causes; and work together to isolate the issue and discover the resolution. This arrangement helps the customer understand the problem; which alleviates call center support requests; which frees the hosting providers time. Everyone wins.

Well, that unfortunately was not the case with my recent experiences with HostGator. I have been with HostGator for eight years, and have been pleased with their service and support. It was very surprising they could not work with me to find a cause to my server inconsistencies. I had one single support request ticket which has still not been replied to; going on five days. The fact they cannot properly respond to a single support ticket further illustrates my frustrations.

Then today, as I was transferring my databases to the dedicated hosting, I ran into another issue with HostGator. I could not access my WHM (web host manager) admin panel to gain access to the databases. I called the support center to see what was happening. After holding for thirty minutes; having to explain to the rep how to navigate through WHM; and twenty further minutes of his “investigation”, I was told (while he giggled) that the servers are down because of maintenance. At no point did I ever receive an email, phone call or text message telling me my server was down. And this is on a VPS account where it affects every single website I host.

Enter Codero…


Simply put…. WOW!

I am not an easy sale. I do my research, and fully investigate any purchase I make; especially if it is a recurring subscription. Codero has exceeded every single test I have thrown their way. I called three four times throughout the day and night, testing their call center response time. Average response time was less than five minutes. Support techs are friendly, helpful, and most importantly will help to find the issue. There were three occasions where I needed to call during my server migration process. Each call was pleasant, educational and I felt like they really wanted to help me solve the issue. Not to mention, their prices are insanely reasonable at a bare ‘package’ just around $100 a month.

If you are experiencing similar issues.. and wonder if moving to an affordable dedicated service is worth the extra investment; in this case, the answer is an immediate YES!

Learn more about Codero!


We are just ecstatic after our migration. The immediate results are simply outstanding; and all of our initial tests were blown away.

The possibilities of web content production when using a dedicated server are almost limitless. We could host our own video feeds; develop social networking applications and more. Stick around; we have tons of new ideas to develop.

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