WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress is nearing it’s end of the version 4.x minor release cycle. With every WordPress major update comes a big change; and WordPress Gutenberg 5.0 is going to be no disappointment in this department.

What is Gutenberg?

From the mouths of the WP Folks:

A new publishing experience for WordPress is in the works: get ready to make your words, pictures, and layout look as good on screen as they do in your imagination, without any code.

Gutenberg is an entirely new editing experience; A completely revised post/page editing screen. Content is now organized in blocks. Custom meta-boxes (where additional post content can be entered) are now all moved over to the side while the editor fills the screen top to bottom.

Gutenberg Additional Information

You may learn more about WordPress Gutenberg on the official WordPress website.

Using Gutenberg Today

If you would like to begin experimenting with Gutenberg; head over to the official WordPress plugin repository and grab the WordPress Gutengerg Plugin.

Remember, it is strongly advised to only use this plugin on development websites and not on live/production websites.

Gutenberg Acceptance

Gutenberg is initially getting very mixed reviews; almost split right down the middle. It appears about half the current WordPress community embrace what Gutenberg offers; while the other half are extremely reluctant to the change.

You can also Read the Gutenberg Plugin Reviews.

Deactivating Gutenberg

Fortunately, for those who clearly despise Gutenberg, there is an option to disable the new functionality and restore the previous editor. Yes, it comes in the form of another plugin.

Using Classic Editor by Andrew Ozz, the older-style editor will be restored. This begs the question, “How long will this be compatible?”.

Gutenberg and WP Edit (Pro)

Obviously, Gutenberg will have a HUGE impact on WP Edit (Pro).

Initial Tests

Initial testing is very promising. Button configurations have remained intact, which means the options are still working properly. There are a few bugs with javascript and stylesheet files.

Editor buttons are also loading properly and their functionality is working correctly, which is VERY encouraging.

Backwards Compatibility

I’m sure many will be asking if WP Edit (Pro) will be backwards compatible with non-Gutenberg websites. I honestly can’t answer that question at this time. It is my utmost desire to make the plugins backwards compatible.

WordPess Gutenberg Release Date

As of the date of this writing, Gutenberg is only said to be released in 2018.

Gutenberg and Other Plugins/Themes

Gutenberg will affect thousands, if not tens of thousands, of plugins and themes. The reaches of Gutenberg dive deeply into posts, pages, custom post types, meta boxes, and many other pluggable functions available on the editor screen.

Rest assured developers are scrambling to get their plugins/themes “Gutenberg Compatible”.

Additional Information

Yoast has a great article regarding An Alternative Approach To Gutenberg.

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