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Automatic Updates

WP Edit Pro includes an automatic plugin update process. This process ties into the WordPress plugin update procedure, and alerts the admin when an update is available.

The update can be installed by visiting the WordPress Plugins page; scrolling down to WP Edit Pro; and clicking “Update now” next to the plugin name.



It is always a good idea to view the changelog before updating a plugin. The changelog should contain vital information pertaining to the plugin update.

A good developer will list all changes, regardless of how inconsequential. This helps the user “prepare” for the update, both mentally and physically.

The WP Edit Pro Changelog can be found by clicking the “View version details” link next to the “Update now” link. Or, simply visit our WP Edit Pro Changelog webpage.

Manual Updates

To manually update WP Edit Pro, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download

Download the most recent version of WP Edit Pro.

Step 2: Activate

From here, there are two methods used for updating the plugin. Either is acceptable:

Method 1:

This method requires cPanel or an FTP program.

1. Extract the downloaded plugin to your computer.
2. Use either your hosts cPanel or an FTP program to connect to your sites file directories.
3. Navigate to the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory.
4. Find the ‘wp_edit_pro’ directory.. and delete it.
5. Copy the extracted folder from step 1 (wp_edit_pro) to the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory on the server.

Method 2:

This method does not require cPanel or an FTP program.

1. Deactivate and delete WP Edit Pro from within the admin panel. DO NOT use the settings within the plugin page. Deactivate and delete from the WP admin plugins page, just like any other plugin.
2. Click the option to Delete the plugin files.
3. From the admin panel, click “plugins” -> “add new”.
4. On the next screen, click the “upload” link.
5. Click “Choose”.. and choose the .zip file you downloaded, and then click “Install Now”.
6. Click “Activate plugin”.

Step 3: Confirm

Now, go back to the WP admin panel, and reload the plugins page.
Scroll down to “WP Edit Pro” and verify the version number to confirm a successful update.

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Josh Lobe is the sole developer of WP Edit and WP Edit Pro. A father of two; a husband to a beautiful wife; and a small home in the suburbs... he primarily enjoys coding in WordPress and designing websites.

4 thoughts on “Update Plugin

  1. Kathy Anderson says:

    Josh, you may want to add a step (if necessary?) to EXPORT your existing settings before deactivating and deleting. Correct me if I’m wrong…

  2. Gary Gordon says:

    I am hoping that sometime soon you’ll be able to incorporate the ability to detect and update WP Edit Pro from within the WordPress Dashboard just like any other plugin (including many premium as well as free plugins) such as Gravity Forms, iThemes Plugins (such as BackupBuddy, etc.), and many others. The process of having to download the update manually and manually then upgrade each website that WP Edit Pro is being used on is just very time consuming as I’m sure you can understand. I’m hoping you can look further into this and figure out a way to allow this. Thanks for a great plugin. Gary Gordon

    1. Josh Lobe says:

      Hello Gary 🙂
      Yes, I do understand. Unfortunately, I have to balance this with the ability for hackers to circumvent my protection. The old method would allow hacked plugins to receive free updates indefinitely; but is much easier to update. The new method completely eliminates hacked plugins to udpate; but is also more of a pain for legitimate users to update.

      I hope you understand my logic. And to answer your question, yes.. I am still looking for a ‘happy medium’. I’m also certainly open to suggestions.

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