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Uninstalling WP Edit Pro

If for any reason it is necessary to uninstall WP Edit Pro, we have made the process very easy.

WordPress will delete the plugin files when a plugin is deleted, but WordPress does not delete the plugin options. It is up to the developer to ensure plugin/theme options are deleted when the plugin is removed.

Deleting Options

In my opinion, it is not up to WordPress to delete the plugin options when a plugin is deactivated or uninstalled. Perhaps the owner is troubleshooting a conflict; and just wants to remove the plugin to prevent interference.

If WordPress deleted the plugin options; the user would be very disappointed the next time they visited the plugin options page to find all their settings had been deleted.

Instead, a plugin author must code for this circumstance. Plugin options should not be deleted when a plugin is deactivated. Should they be deleted when a plugin is uninstalled?

Uninstalling Plugins

Again, in my opinion, no. Plugin options should also not be deleted when a plugin is uninstalled. This situation is a little more tricky than deactivating a plugin. Uninstalling a plugin certainly infers a much more long-term decision. But maybe the site owner is removing all plugins; updating core; and then reinstalling plugins again?

Uninstall WP Edit Pro

WP Edit Pro handles both these situations in a very unique way.

The options for WP Edit Pro are NEVER deleted; not when deactivating the plugin nor when deleting the plugin. Instead, an option is available to completely uninstall WP Edit Pro.


It is necessary to first check the box to confirm plugin uninstallation before the plugin will uninstall itself. When it does, two things will happen:

  1. The plugin will delete all database entries used for saving plugin options.
  2. The plugin will deactivate itself.
This action is irreversible. All plugin options will be deleted from the database, and cannot be restored unless an export file was created.

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