Signoff Text

Signoff Text

The signoff text feature was originally designed for adding a signature to the bottom of each post. Some authors always sign their content using the same signature. This feature allows creation of a block of content; which can be easily inserted anywhere in the content area by simply typing the Please enter text here... shortcode.

Creating Signoff Text

To create the content used by the shortcode, visit the WP Edit Pro plugin settings page and click the “Extras” tab. Look for the “Signoff Text” section, which includes a content editor.

The content editor is a duplicate of the editor used when creating a post or page, so it should look familiar. Enter your content in this area. Any type of html content can be used, including images, links, and videos. Use the editor buttons to design your signoff text.


Inserting the Shortcode

Next, the Please enter text here... shortcode can be used anywhere in post/page content areas to add the signoff defined above.


Final Results

When a visitor comes to the website and views the article; the shortcode will render the content used in our “Signoff Text” feature.


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