Post/Page Highlight Colors

What are Post/Page Highlight Colors?

These options will allow each user to customize the background colors for each post/page based on status (in the admin panel only). Each status can have a different highlight color. Using this option makes it very easy to distinguish which posts are drafts; which ones are private; etc.

Furthermore, each user can set the options for colors independently. These particular options are stored in the user meta database table; and can be customized independently for each user.

It is recommended to use extremely light shades of each color. Using too heavy a shade can make it difficult to read the text describing the post/page.

Setting Post/Page Highlight Colors

Visit the WP Edit (Pro) admin settings page; and click the “User Specific” tab.

First, check the box to enable the options.


To change the color of the post status highlight, click on the “Select Color” button.


For a draft post, I am going to choose pink.


I accomplished this by clicking on the red square at the bottom (red arrow), then sliding the vertical bar down to the lighter color (blue arrow), until the desired hue was reached. Once the desired color is selected, just click off to the side of the screen and the box will disappear.

Each status can be set to a custom color. To remove a status color; simply open the color picker box, and select the white box as the value. Alternatively, disabling the Highlight options will also remove any custom background colors.


Be sure to Save User Specific Options!

The Final Product

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