Hide Posts and Pages

Hiding Posts and Pages

This option simply allows administrators to hide certain posts and pages from being displayed in the admin panel. The posts/pages will be removed from the admin list.

Note this option only hides the posts/pages from view. It does not remove them from the database or otherwise alter the original post/page.

Hiding Posts

Visit the WP Edit Pro settings page, and click the Posts/Pages tab. Scroll down to the “Hide Posts and Pages” options.
To hide posts, enter a comma-separated string of post ids which should be hidden (without spaces).

Hiding post IDs 274 and 363.

In the two screen images below; we can see the before results (left) and the after results (right).


Again, the posts have not been touched in the database. They have only been prevented from being output to the admin list. The posts will still display when viewed from the front end of the website, also.

Hiding Pages

Hiding pages works exactly the same way as described above with “Hiding Posts”.

Post and Page ID’s

Confused on how to determine the ID that needs to be entered into the options?

There are two methods commonly used for determining the post/page ID.

The first method involves loading the posts/pages in the admin panel. Click on “Posts” or “Pages” to load the available posts/pages. Hovering over the Title of the post/page will display a link at the very bottom of the screen (in the browser footer area).

This link will appear something like:

The ‘1’ is the post/page ID.

Another option is to enable the WP Edit Pro ID Column option.

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