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Save Scrollbar

Saving Scrollbar Position WordPress, by default, will always place the cursor back at the beginning of the content whenever the save button is pressed. Saving the scrollbar position will place the cursor at the same location as the time before the content was saved; greatly reducing time spent manually scrolling down to find where you…

Hide Text Tab

Hiding Text Tab This option simply hides the text tab from the content editor. IT will not allow the visual tab to be shown, eliminating users from accessing the text side of the editor. The functionality may be desirable if it is necessary to keep article authors from accessing any of the html code.

Post/Page Highlight Colors

What are Post/Page Highlight Colors? These options will allow each user to customize the background colors for each post/page based on status (in the admin panel only). Each status can have a different highlight color. Using this option makes it very easy to distinguish which posts are drafts; which ones are private; etc. Furthermore, each…