Buttons Interface

WP Edit Pro Buttons Interface

The “Buttons” tab in WP Edit Pro is the powerhouse behind custom button arrangements. Administrators can create a single editor used by all users on the site; or, can create multiple editors (each related to a user role) providing a unique set of buttons to each user.

Helpful Tips

A variety of helpful tools are built into the WP Edit Pro buttons drag and drop panel. Let’s take a look at each of these more closely:

Button Tooltips

Button tooltips are provided to relate pertinent information about the selected button. Hovering the mouse over each button will display it’s corresponding tooltip.

Each tooltip will display unique information about that buttons purpose.

Tip: The fancy tooltips can be disabled by visiting the “Global” tab; and checking the option to disable fancy tooltips.

Dragging and Dropping

Each button row and the button container are “hooked” together, so moving buttons between them is a breeze. Click a button and hold down the mouse button; and move the mouse to select a buttons new location.

After moving a button, a blue placeholder will appear. As the mouse is moved around the button rows, the blue placeholder will adjust its location.

Wherever the blue placeholder appears when the mouse button is released, is the location where the selected button will appear.

Selecting Multiple Buttons Before Moving

Multiple buttons may also be moved, simultaneously. Clicking a button (without moving the mouse) will turn the icon to a yellowish-orange color. This means the icon is “selected”, or in it’s active state.

Clicking additional buttons will also enable their active state. Clicking an already active button will disable it’s active state; returning it to before it was selected.

Once all desired buttons have been set to “active”.. they can be moved as a set to their new location.

No active buttons selected:


Active buttons selected:


Active selection moved to new container:


Tip: Clicking anywhere outside the button rows will remove the active state of all selected buttons.

Creating New Editors

This new feature will allow a way for each individual user to have a preset button arrangement.

There is a “flow” to this process.

  1. Click the button to add a new editor.
  2. Arrange the buttons to desired positions.
  3. Enter a name for the custom editor button arrangement.
  4. Click “Create Editor”.
Tip: Every newly created editor will be name-spaced with wpep_ed_cap_.

New Editor User Role

When a new editor is created; a corresponding user role will also be created. This user role is how the plugin determines which buttons to display to each user.

User Role Editor Plugin

An additional plugin will be required in order to manage which roles each user may have.

The User Role Editor plugin, by “Vladimir Garagulya”, is a great solution; although please use whichever works best for you. The following screenshots show the “User Role Editor” plugin.

Assigning New Role

Once the new editor has been created; and a new role with the same name has also been created; we can now go to the user administration screen and assign our new role to users.

  1. Ensure the “User Role Editor” plugin is installed and activated.
  2. From the admin menu; click “Users”, and hover over the user which will be modified. A new option “Capabilities” will be shown.
  3. Click “Capabilities” for the user who will be modified.
  4. Next opens the User Role Editor settings page for that particular user. Add the role that matches the editor name created earlier.
  5. Click the button to update the user capabilities.

Now, when that user goes to edit a post or page; they will only be shown the buttons from the editor to which they are assigned.

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  1. Hello Josh,

    I’ve reached out to you twice before regarding an issue but have not heard back. I’ve also posted it on the support forum.

    Basically, my buttons are frozen–cannot move them around, nor add new ones from button container.

    Please advise,

    1. Josh Lobe says:

      Hello Abraham, I am very sorry for my delay, and also for the inconveniences you are experiencing. The forums became unmanageable due to all the spam. I have moved to a ticket system, and would appreciate if you would create a ticket so I may help you get this resolved. You can create a new ticket HERE. Thanks.

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